Auto Water Dispenser v2

A DIY project to help students/staffs use in the schools for handwashing in the refugee settlements.

Posted by Maliamungu Richard on March 07, 2023

In 2020, when the Covid 19 broke out, the rate of infections was low in the refugee settlement but that didn't stop me from thinking about a cheap solution to reduce the spread of the virus. I researched about the transmission links and found out "contact" was the main factor for the covid 19 spreading in the refugee settlement hence I immediately thought about the schools with over 1700 students/ pupils in the refugee settlements that accesse water from the school taps and learned their is so much contact "opening the tap and again closing- at this stages we pick up the virus from the taphandle".

I built my first prototype which takes much power then later build an arduino driven one with ultrasonic sensor , it works but can't help support the large number of the students due to the size of the container.

This is the second prototype I made which has a large size container and rechargeable batteries attached. For this I recycled some plastic containers from the community to reduce the plastic disposal in the communities and then give out to a high school and a primary school within the refugee settlement, not for a covid 19 reason , but the current Ebola outbreak in Uganda which is increasing every day.

Interested in learning more or building one for yourself? Learn more about the project on Github.