Eco-Star Extension Cable

A DIY Eco-star wooden electrical extension cable.

Posted by Mathew Lubari on March 08, 2023

A DIY Eco-star wooden extension cable by Mathew Lubari Mathew Lubari, Cofounder and Executive Director of Community Creativity For Development (CC4D) an #ASKnet Hub and a member of the Restarters Group in rhino camp refugee settlement in the West-Nile region of Northern Uganda

The Eco-star wooden power extension cable is an electrical power cable made out of wood material and its aimed at replacing the imported power extension cables made out of plastic materials. It is made using local available resources (wood materials/timer) which are cost effective and It is aimed at reducing carbon emissions and landfill from plastic waste since they are environmental friendly than those made of plastic materials hence protecting the environment.

The wood materials are collected from carpentry workshops. they are usually discarded as waste by carpenters. however, to us it is something usually. The component of electronic waste management is as well a subject here, for example, we remove components such as the LED light from dead or electronics that have reached end of life. This Innovation involves the practice of reuse and upcycling which promotes circularity of products resulting to reduction in waste and pollution hence creating a sustainable environment while creating economic profits.

Interested in learning more or building one for yourself? Learn more about the project on wikifactory.