DIY Solar Phone Charger

A DIY solar mobile phone charge using available materials.

Posted by Dawa Edina on March 09, 2023

Do It Yourself (DIY) solar mobile phone charger which is a locally made solar charger using the available materials to help charge mobile phones in the rural areas with no electricity like refugee settlements. It can be built locally by upcycling materials and components from other devices/appliances.

This project is aiming at training five (5) women from each zone in Rhino Camp refugee Settlement on how to build their own solar mobile phone chargers to keep them connected to their loved ones through their phones and also to avoid traveling far from home in order to charge their mobile phones.

I have so far trained four (4) women on how to build a simple Solar mobile phone charger, so we going to train more women hopefully and come up with a connected asset financing platform that offers millions of underbanked customers access to life-enhancing product and service.

It will be a system of building ownership over a period of 3 months through easy installment payment for a mobile solar phone charger.

Out of 11,400,000 Ugandans who have mobile phones, 7,600,000 pay an average of UGX 500 everyday to have their phones charged thus spending 178,000 per person annually on charging. We have designed a portable solar powered self charging system (charge2own) that can charge 1 to 5 mobile phones at once with a capacity to also provide lighting solutions.

The Charge2own Solar phone charging system is a smart digital solution relating to web and USSD applications significantly addressing product consumer, system and manufacturer interaction. Prepaid modules for different subscription plans will be monitored, analyzed, and data sent to the servers.

I want to continue developing the product further because I do not want it to just be product but an industry, my next project will be an adition the this one and it will be a Solar tracker to help in locating the direction of the sun and turns the solar panel automatically.

I also want to attach/install a sim card / chip to the Charge2own Solar Mobile phone Charging System for easy trucking of the product location and can be disconnected if the consumer is not able to complete the payment in the agreed period of time.

Interested in learning more or building one for yourself? Learn more about the project on wikifactory.